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Welcome to
The Booth Fairy Project

(Fairy dust included)

Happiness delivered.

The Booth Fairy Project is a mobile happiness delivery service. We sprinkle fairy dust and offer gluten-free air hugs at private parties, weddings, festivals, and corporate events. If a shindig needs an extra spark of awesome, you’ve come to the right place.


Led by Elle Erickson, The Booth Fairy project is a social movement spreading kindness and connection through humor, conversation, authentic interaction, and community engagement.

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We couldn't do it without you.

Thanks to our generous (and magical) sponsors, we are funding The Booth Fairy Project through Patreon, a crowd-funding platform that helps small businesses like us grow and thrive. 


For just a few dollars a month, you can help spread joy through service offerings like trash clean-up days, nursing home visits, and community beautification projects like uplifting murals and billboards.

We have over 200 love ambassadors directly funding this project, please consider joining this movement to help it grow.

Meet Elle /  Founder & Creator 

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The Booth Fairy project was born out of the love of service, community, and connection. It's bursting with joy and humor, and is paving a path of love in each city it travels to. 


Elle started volunteering at a young age with organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters and Metrolina Association for the Blind. And she's been hooked on that feeling of giving back ever since.


Over the last 15 years the mission has grown roots in Western North Carolina and is expanding across the country. People and organizations in Asheville, Austin, Miami, and New York hire us for special events, private parties, even festivals.

Young Elle with her mom.

Human beings need connection and kindness and we are delivering it, one gluten free hug at a time.

Where you’ll find us.

The Booth Fairy Project puts on a variety of joy-inspiring events, leaving a trail of fairy dust everywhere we go.

Private Events & Parties

At events and parties, the Booth provides a platform for much-needed eye contact, deep conversation, and good old-fashioned belly laughs.

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Bliss Mobs

These love squads take over busy sidewalks, wielding smiles and positive signs to spread kindness, love, and connection. Think a flash mob + free hugs + positive protest.

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Nursing Home Bliss Mobs

Our Booth Fairies visit local nursing homes to spread love and smiles through free hugs, kazoo serenades, teddy bear giveaways, and mini dance parties!

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Advice Booths

Inspired by Lucy’s psychiatric booth from the Peanuts comic strip, you’ll find this inviting, all-inclusive advice booth popped up on street corners, at festivals, and in local breweries. Menu items include: gluten-free hugs, free advice, staring contests, and standing ovations. You’ll love it!

Vintage Clothing Pop-Ups

It’s like thrift shopping, but way more fun (and sustainable!) We’re ending fast fashion and showcasing local artists at these pop-ups which include the Booth, tarot readings, bodywork, and so much more. Come shance (shop + dance)! 

We have over 200 love ambassadors directly funding this project, if you would consider joining and helping this movement grow please click here.

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