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Get involved!

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Become a Bliss Ambassador

We accept donations through a crowd funding platform called Patreon. Consider contributing a few dollars a month so we can deliver more happiness to the world.

Monthly donations go toward:

  • Supplies for community events

  • Donations to nursing home residents

  • Signs, murals, and billboards in the community

  • Marketing materials & operations to keep our mission strong

  • Allowing the uplifting message to spread into more communities through travel and outreach

Private Parties & Events

Do your guests need a little magic in their lives? Hire us for your next private party, birthday, wedding, or corporate event! Not in Asheville? We’re mobile and love to travel!


Volunteer with Us

We get together to hold positive signs, pick up trash, visit nursing homes, and create signage to hang in nearby cities. Events happen all the time in Asheville, Western North Carolina, and beyond.


Bring your smiles and your skills and let’s build a kinder world, together! Follow us on Facebook or opt in below and message Elle your cell number to be in the know for our next event.

Sponsor a Mural

We’re all about building happiness that lasts. That’s why we crowdfund beautification projects like this mural.


Want to sponsor a mural? Drop us a line


Sponsor a Billboard

The Booth Fairy project has sponsored several billboards that have been seen by thousands of drivers. Anecdotal reports claim lowered road rage and increased happiness levels throughout the state.

We have over 200 love ambassadors directly funding this project. If you would consider joining and helping this movement grow please click here.

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